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If ‘tis the season for gifts, let them be Origen’s safe and natural skincare products.

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Christmas is in the air. The time of Secret Santa and year-end gifting. Choosing the right Christmas gift for your loved ones is an annual dilemma. With endless options available and less time to shop them, we often stick to the same old usual ideas. Well, not anymore! This season, opt for Origen’s natural and Ayurvedic skincare products. Skincare is a personal gift. And, nothing could be better for your loved one than safe skincare. For your quick reading and a little inspiration, we are sharing with you here the treasures of the Origen trove.


Our Ayurvedic face care range has a face wash for every skin type. You could choose from Origen Neem Tulsi Face Wash for oily skin, Origen Aloe Vera Face Wash for dry skin, Origen Orange Face Wash for normal skin, and Origen Saffron Face Wash for all skin types. Wondering why you must choose Origen Face Wash Range? Our facewashes improve skin texture, brighten skin tone, remove toxins and dead skin, reduce acne, gently exfoliate the skin, protect the skin from UV rays, fight blemishes, remove suntan, remove makeup quickly, and are toxin-free and sulphate-free. When you gift Origen Face Wash Range, you gift pure care.


Our haircare range offers high-performing haircare essentials with the goodness of age-old and trusted ayurvedic ingredients. Our hair hamper consists of Origen Ayurvedic Anti-Dandruff Hair Wash and Origen All-Natural Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Both these formulations help strengthen the hair root, control hair fall, nourish the scalp, reduce dandruff, promote hair growth, cleanse hair, fight premature greying, and increase hair volume. In this festive season, gift your friends and family Origen Haircare Range. They will thank you for their lustrous mane.

Body lotion

Winters and dry skin go along, not if you adopt Origen Moisturizing Lotion. Make Christmas truly merry and memorable by bidding goodbye to itchy skin woes. Origen Moisturizing Lotion is a herbal formulation, free from toxins and sulphates and made from great skin nourishers — Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Almond. People love our body lotion for its skin rehydrating and soothing potential. Our body lotion helps remove dull and dead flaky skin and rejuvenate the underlying skin tissues, restoring skin glow and giving your skin an improved complexion. It replenishes the skin and preserves its moisture, making skin smoother and healthier. Could any Christmas gift be better than this?


Who doesn’t know and believe in the benefits of ubtan? But in today’s hectic times, people end up trying quick solutions. But with Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub, you bask in the goodness of finely sourced Ayurvedic ingredients — Saffron extracts, Sandalwood, and Rose oil. Moreover, daily application of Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub makes skin glow, improves skin texture, evens skin tone, removes suntan, and gently exfoliates the skin. When you gift someone Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub, you gift them not only the promise of Ayurveda but also glowing skin. 

Promise of Origen

So, have you decided which of our offerings will be your Christmas hamper? Not yet? Still, thinking, why gift Origen? Most of Origen’s natural and Ayurvedic skincare products are derived from plants. So, authenticity is guaranteed. Our skincare products are less likely to cause allergies or irritations. Nearly 95% of the contents of our Ayurvedic skincare product are active ingredients, making them safe for the skin. Origen’s natural and Ayurvedic skincare products are cruelty-free skincare products. We stand firm against animal testing. And, last but not least — our natural skin care products don’t leave a harmful footprint on the planet. When you gift, Origen’s natural and Ayurvedic skincare products, you support our planet’s sustainability.

This Christmas, gift your loved one not only joy but the care of Ayurveda. And, when it comes to Ayurvedic skincare, the one brand you could trust with your heart and mind is Origen.

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