Five Things Nobody Told You About Saffron Face Wash

Saffron has been used as an ingredient in skin care products for centuries owing to its naturally brilliant colour, antioxidant properties, and its luxurious scent. Origen Saffron face wash contains this same saffron, which has been known to protect from UV damage, reduce wrinkles, and fine lines on the skin. The benefits of Origen saffron face wash will help keep your complexion looking young and beautiful, both inside and out.

Treat acne and blemishes

For those with acne, saffron face wash acts as a mild exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and help clear pores. It also contains salicylic acid which is one of the most effective acne-fighting ingredients out there. It helps to prevent inflammation and stimulates collagen production, both essential for repairing damaged skin tissue. The antibacterial properties also help to fight breakouts because they cut down on any existing pimples while preventing future ones from forming. It’s no wonder saffron face wash is often used as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide!

Keeps skin hydrated

The problem with many face washes is that they tend to dry out skin. This is particularly problematic for people who already have dry skin, but even those with normal or oily skin can find their skin dries out after using a cleansing product. If you’re concerned about aging, you’ll be happy to know that saffron and sandalwood keep your complexion hydrated, meaning fine lines won’t deepen as quickly. With regular use, you’ll notice your complexion is more supple and healthy-looking than ever before.

No exfoliating

Many cleansers contain harsh ingredients that leave skin dry and tight. Origen saffron face wash contains no drying agents, dyes or fragrances so it won’t strip or exfoliate your skin. If you have sensitive skin, Origen saffron face wash is a gentler choice that will help condition and moisturize your complexion without leaving it dry or irritated. After rinsing off Origen saffron face wash, your skin will be softer and smoother for hours after application.

Soothing and refreshing

Origen saffron face wash leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft after use. It contains saffron extracts which will help to revitalize your skin, while sandalwood extract helps to soothe dry and irritated skin. This is a perfect product for sensitive or rosacea prone skin types as it has anti-inflammatory properties and may help to even out skin tone. If you suffer from acne-prone or troublesome skin however, we recommend using only once per day at night time as washing face twice a day can lead to over drying.

Creamy Formula Gently Cleanses Skin

The creamy and nourishing face wash gently washes away makeup, dirt and grime without stripping skin or drying it out. The formula is infused with natural saffron extracts that hydrate skin and help to soften it so impurities can be rinsed off more easily. Saffron’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties also leave your complexion looking healthy and glowing. Due to its moisturizing effects, facial wash can also help reduce premature signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and dullness. Keeping your skin hydrated prevents wrinkles from forming in their early stages, meaning that you can keep your youthful appearance for longer than ever before.

Improves Cell Regeneration

Saffron extract improves cell regeneration. It is a very rich source of antioxidants, which protect your skin against environmental damage. Regular use helps to minimize visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Collagen production is also boosted which keeps your skin supple and firm. Furthermore, saffron can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent in cases of acne or other inflammatory skin conditions. Using saffron face wash regularly can reduce dark circles under eyes because it contains powerful antioxidants that help fade dark spots under eyes by lightening them up naturally.

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