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Anti Acne Gel | Treats Acne & Pimples | Regulate Oil Production | Unclog Pores (50g)
Anti Aging Cream | Prevents Flaking & Peeling | Hydrates,brightens & tightens your skin (50g)
Origen All-Natural Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Helps Fight Premature Greying & Promotes Hair Growth | Zero Harsh Chemicals (180ml)
Origen Aloe Vera Hydrating & Moisturizing Face Wash | Fights Sunburn & Refreshes Dull Skin | For Dry Skin (80ml)
Origen Face Serum | Reduces Scars and Pores | Repairs and lightens skin | Hydrates and Renjuvenates skin | For all skin types (50ml)
Origen Hair Gel With Hibiscus, Methi, Amla & Bhringraj Extract | Gives Deep Conditioning | Prevents Hair Breakage (100g)
Origen Hair Gel With Mulethi, Almond & Kamal Keshar Extract | Promotes Healthy Hair | Helps for New Hair Growth (100g)
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