Ubtan — The Secret To Beautiful Skin

Here’s why ubtan is the absolute Ayurvedic answer to glowing skin.

For skin care, head straight to the kitchen

Skincare is always on top of our mind — During seasonal changes; right before festive occasions; even in otherwise daily life. When it comes to eating, we usually avoid foods that would make our skin oily. When it comes to going outdoors, we make sure we carry a skin protection cream. When it comes to attaining glowing skin, we resort to chemical peels and scrubs. But what if the elixir to healthy, glowing skin is right in your kitchen. Yes, you guessed it right! We are referring to the age-old, humble, and most effective ubtan.

What is ubtan?

For the unaware and uninitiated, ubtan is an herbal paste and is devoid of any chemical or product purchased from the drug store. Ubtan is made from ingredients stocked in the kitchen — milk or milk powder, gram flour (Besan), almond powder, turmeric (Haldi), milk cream, lemon juice and rosewater. In Indian households, using an ubtan is the easiest way to beautify skin at home daily.

Why is ubtan still relevant?

A look at the above ingredients might make you think you don’t have the time and energy to make ubtan in today’s hectic life. You may also think that the market has better and faster options for face care. So, there is no need for this centuries-old treatment in today’s modern times. Well, you are wrong in both respects. Let us explain.

You could soak in the benefits of this Ayurvedic treatment without making this paste. Say hello to Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub. It’s our natural offering packed with the goodness of finely sourced ingredients.

Composition of Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub

  • Saffron extracts
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose oil
  • Wheat germ oil

Now, coming to the other thought. When it comes to skin care, nothing beats the time-tested science of Ayurveda. It’s 100% effective. It’s fast in action. And lastly, it’s completely safe. So, shoo away those cool-looking facecare products and embrace the goodness of ubtan. What makes ubtan the skincare hero? The wholesome goodness of ubtan makes it the sought-after Ayurvedic skincare treatment for centuries. Here are five amazing benefits that would convince you why our naani and daadi trusted and loved ubtan like nothing.

Benefit #1 — Makes skin glow

Ubtan cleanses skin thoroughly and rids it from dirt and impurities. The outcome is fresh, clear, and healthy skin and a glowing face. Saffron present in Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin. It is antifungal and helps in treating acne.

Benefit #2 — Improves skin texture

Rose oil present in ubtan is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that nourish the skin. Regular application of Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub helps improve the texture of the skin and makes it healthy and smooth.

Benefit #3 — Evens skin tone

Sandalwood in Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub acts as a natural astringent for the skin. It is known to tighten skin pores and give the skin a firm and youthful look. It also helps in tan removal

Benefit #4 — Removes sun tan

Wheat germ oil present in Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub is one of the most valuable source of Vitamin E which helps in reducing UV damage in the skin. It also protects skin from damage caused by free radicals and removes sun tan. It also slows the aging process of skin, leaving it youthful for long.

Benefit #5 — Gently exfoliates

Dead skin makes skin look dull. To get glowing skin, it is necessary to exfoliate the dead skin. Gentle exfoliation with Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub freshens the skin, giving you radiant and spot-free skin.

Final words

Give your skin the wholesome goodness of Ayurveda. Give your skin the Origen advantage. Our Origen Ubtan Face & Body Scrub mimics the age-old herbal formula to help you take advantage of ubtan’s benefits at your comfort and convenience. All Origen products are part of the Make In India initiative, are toxin-free, and formulated using herbal-active ingredients. In your daily journey of life, let ubtan be your trusted skincare partner. So, when are you signing up for Ayurvedic skincare with Origen?

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