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Who are we?

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  • Crafted to offer the best of both worlds! Origen is a solution that counters Indian beauty challenges by combining India’s age-old Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science.

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  • The brand name ‘Origen’ is a combination of Ori + Gen where Ori connotes ‘being the first source’ and Gen ‘in Greek means birth’. Our brand name is indicative of the fact that we bring out originality in what we create. Furthermore, our tagline ‘The Conscious Living’ perfectly captures the essence of Origen.


As an Indian beauty brand, we want to foster a ‘seal of trust’ not only among our users in India but also throughout the world. For us exhibiting a personalized sense of care is of utmost importance therefore, we ensure we cater to every type of skin and hair.

Our Essence ~ Core nature of Origen

The sole reason behind creating ‘Origen’ is to cater to the unique skin and hair care needs of our customers. We say ‘unique needs require unique formulations’, this can possibly be achieved by being up to date with the current beauty market trends, and we are! This driving force urged us to bring this premium beauty range to life.


How Origen approaches Conscious Living?

For us, conscious living means being mindful of our surroundings. We believe that everything is interconnected so being conscious of the things you consume can enhance your quality of life. With that being said, we believe that nature has an answer to a majority of human needs only if we are willing to be mindful & patient. Hence, our products adhere to the essence of our brand. We have crafted a line of products by being conscious of the available resources and provides exceptional performance.


We thoughtfully evaluate each ingredient and formulation that we use in our skin and hair care range, curating a line of products that not only make you feel good but also align with your values.

The Origen Advantage


Make in India

We believe in utilizing the existing expertise and skills of our local workforce to empower and create opportunities for them.



Our product line is free from any harmful ingredients. We use ingredients that can offer multitudes of benefits.


Herbal Actives

We formulate our product using herbal active ingredients that help take care of your various skin and hair woes.

What Matters to Us?

What Matters to Us?

We believe that beauty is a form of self-identification, so it is important to take a holistic approach when creating the products. With our thoughtful approach, we intend to provide more transparency with the ingredients we use.

We use thoroughly researched ingredients and formulations for crafting our products to foster a legacy of well-researched, safe, and effective skin and haircare range.

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