Origen’s affiliate marketing program


Affiliates should have at least one condition as per below:

  • He/She should be a Blogger/Vlogger, Beauty Professional who is currently active on all social media platforms.
  • He/She should have affiliate websites or their own websites where they can conduct promotions through ads. 
  • He/She should have a YouTube channel that talks about health&beauty/lifestyle/product review etc. with a minimum of 1k subscribers (channels can be related to health&beauty/lifestyle/product review channels & more).
  • The order received should be genuine and with the right customer.
  • The affiliates can not create pages/ websites related to or similar to the company name and brand.
  • Affiliates should not claim as they work at Boswellia Pharmaceuticals Limited. They should represent working for Origen – The Conscious Living.
  • The affiliate should apply with certain details through our website.
  • For the first 2 months, the affiliates should complete 5 successful transactions, or a minimum of 5000 sales, till then affiliates will be temporary. 
  • During this phase, the affiliates will get a 10% commission.
  • Once the sales are done within 2 months the affiliates will be eligible for the sales commission slab and become a permanent affiliate. 
  • The affiliates will get a certification at his/her address from the company and special rewards or tools for the same.
  • 1 to 5,000 sales get 10%
  • 5,000 to 10000 sales will get 12%
  • 10,000 to 20000 sales will get 15%
  • Sales above 20,000 will get 20% on each sale

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