Anti Aging Cream | Prevents Flaking & Peeling | Hydrates,brightens & tightens your skin (50g)


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Origen Anti Aging Cream

Origen Anti Aging Cream’s unique combination gives age-defying smooth skin. It smoothens the fine lines and nourishes the skin in 7 days.  Argireline peptide reduces muscle contraction and creates an anti-wrinkle effect. Ashwagandha is rich in bio-active principles which helps the skin cells to revive and revitalize.

  • Reduces the appearance of Aging wrinkles in 7 days
  • Resulting in young firm looking skin
  • Prevents flaking & peeling
  • Hydrates, brightens & tightens your skin
1. Does this anti ageing cream have any side effects?

No, this cream does not have any side effects and suitable for all skin types.

2. Is this anti-ageing cream suitable for oily skin?

Yes, the Origen anti aging cream is suitable for oily skin.

3. Does this cream beneficial for sensitive skin?

Yes, this anti ageing cream is beneficial for sensitive skin too and does not have any side effects. Take a patch test on your hand that help to clear your doubts.

4. Does this cream genuinely reduce the wrinkles in 7 days?

Yes, as this anti-aging cream has very powerful ingredients that helps to reduce the wrinkles in 7 days. Many of customers have witnessed the positive change in their skin in shorter period of time.

Clean your face with Origen Orange Face Wash and pat it dry. Take the required amount of anti-ageing cream on the fingertips and apply gently on the face and neck.

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