Under Eye Gel | Reduces Dark Circles | Gives relaxation & hydration to the eyes (50g)


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Origen Under Eye Gel

Origen Under Eye Gel is a non-toxic formula containing hydrated light gel made up of Argireline Peptide which reduces muscle contraction, creating an anti-wrinkle effect in 7 days. Almond oil, Nutmeg Ol and Niacinamide helps reduce dark circles. Cucumber Extract gives soothing and hydrating effect to the eyes.

  • Reduces the appearence of Eye wrinkles in 7 days
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Gives relaxation and hydration to the eyes

Clean your face and pat it dry. Take required amount of gel on the fingertips and apply gently on the under eye areas. Massage it gently so that it perfectly gets absorbed into your skin.

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